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GoodSync for Windows

Keep files synchronised between drives, computers and servers

by Bob Thornton

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Based on 3 ratings
License: Freeware
Operating Systems: Windows 10, Windows 7 (32 bit), Windows 7 (64 bit), Windows 8, Windows Vista (32 bit), Windows Vista (64 bit), Windows XP
Languages: English
Software Cost: Free
Date Updated: 23 April 2017
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Downloads To Date: 7820
Developer: Siber Systems, Inc.
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GoodSync for Windows
Synchronise and backup files with GoodSync for Windows

File synchronisation is incredibly useful. If you are creating a web site, it makes it easy to ensure that the latest version of files are uploaded, and synchronisation can also be used to create backups of important files.

GoodSync can be used in synchronisation or backup mode, making it a versatile tool. Files can be synchronised with or backed up to other folders, separate drives, removable media, networked computers or online servers.

Used in two-way synchronisation mode, GoodSync makes it easy to keep files in sync in two locations - as soon as files are created, edited or deleted, the change will be reflected in the connected location. Used in one-way backup mode, GoodSync provides a means of safeguarding your files.

But it does not end there. GoodSync can also be used to synchronise data between applications. There are a number of supported programs, including RoboForm, Outlook, QuickBooks and Windows Mail. The program is easy to set up and the synchronisation is fast and reliable, helping to give you peace of mind.

Note that there is a Pro version available.

What's new in (see full changelog for more)?

* Google Drive: Switch to new Google Drive Ver 3 API, works faster, better quota management. 
* Google Drive: On File Change (File Monitoring) now works for Google Drive side too. 
* Change buffer size for most Remote file systems to 5 Mb, thus enabling Dropbox to OneDrive sync. 
* Add more checksum types used by servers: MD5, SHA, SHA-1, SHA-256, QuickXorHash, Version GUID. 
* BackBlaze B2: Implement large file uploads, do not use checksums, they are not available for large files. 
* GSTP Forwarder: speed up reconnects in case of connection errors. 
* Options Advanced: Compare Attrs/Owner/ACL: move these to Left/Right side options, from Advanced. 
* Options Advanced: Copy Owner, Copy ACL: separate them, as they indeed may be done separately. 
* Compare CheckSums side option: compare checksums only when size is the same, but file mod time differs. 
* Options Advanced: add option Compare CheckSums of All Files, this compare is done for all files. 
* Options Advanced: remove Retry Sync If File Changes options, as retries are already done in On File Change. 
* Options Auto: Have only Sync option for all Auto options, no Analyze option. 
* GetFileOwner: If we cannot translate SID to Domain\UserName then return SID text form as Owner. 
* Time Shifts: do not auto-resolve Left-Right time shifts, do it only for Old-New time shifts. 
* SyncLib: Remove operations CopyState_LtoR and CopyState_RtoL, use only symmetric CopyState operation. 
* Explorer: Speed up Download and Upload of Files in GSTP, use conveyerization. 
* Explorer: now listed as Ver 10, was Ver 9 previously. 
* On File Change, File Monitoring: Fix reported crash. 
* Unattended Runner: Clear Sync Tree to save memory, when we finish non-On File Change job. 
* Analyze Checks: Change Sym Links option to Ignore, if one of file systems does not support links. 
* Analyze Checks: turn off Copy Attributes, Copy ACL, Copy Owner, if one of file systems does not support it. 
* Upload to Control Center: add Company Admin credentials to Program Options -> Auto. 
* Upload to Control Center: add encryption of uploaded accounts option. 
* Updated RU, UA, PL localizations.


A solid and reliable synchronisation tool which doubles as a backup program.

Your Comments & Opinion

GoodSync if not frreeware

Posted by: Yohan Perera, 06 November 2013 04:18

I use GoodSync to sync files between my desktop and the laptop. Like you said GoodSync is a versatile tool, but it's not free. You have to buy a license for each copy you may install in the computers. (in my case I had to buy 2 licenses.)

Posted by: Paul Gorski, 23 July 2012 13:27

BBB has revoked Goodsync/Roboform accreditation and has given them an F rating. Google reply:

Paul, do you have a link? Reference?

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