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User Comments

09 November 2018, Bean Smith
Antivirus software is a very important application for the devices such as the laptop, mobile, computer, tablet which provide from the virus attack but there are so many antivirus software available on the internet so it is very important to choose the correct one and panda security is one of the best antivirus software also can visit https://babasupport.org/microsoft/microsoft-office-error-code-0xc004f074/ for more information in details.
31 October 2018, Cassie Griffin
If you want to keep your PC run well then take care of window OS. It makes more active to PC but sometimes we see its window error. Check this https://babasupport.org/windows/windows-error-0x8024200b to know about a solution.
25 October 2018, john smith
I have an issue that is when I recover my iTunes account password and then it shows an error iTunes error 0xe8000015 and I don't know how to get the solution to this problem. I visit a website also for the solution:- http://www.ipadsupportnumber.com/fix-ipad-errors-codes-and-solutions/
16 October 2018, David Jordan
Easy Window Switcher mimics the Macintosh easy window switching so you can switch between different windows with simple keyboard shortcuts. There are several ways to switch between opened windows. The one that is probably the least effective and the slowest is using the mouse to point to the desired window. Easy Window Switcher comes in handy to those who want an additional hotkey for quickly moving between instances of the same program.
<a href="https://www.toshibasupportphonenumber.com/toshiba-laptop-support/">toshiba laptop support</a>
16 October 2018, Erik G Robberts
I have read somewhere that the best writers are also keen readers. Reading on a regular basis is a very easy way to developing writing skills. I started developing my skills from your articles. I am following your posts in a regular basis. I checked many other blogs and articles but I never found as helpful as yours. Sharing a good content requires good effort in research to collect the relevant data.
15 October 2018, Ray B
Application needs some scroll bars
12 October 2018, Pilier
This program sends now your PDF on the cloud !
What about privacy ?
10 October 2018, Soft CracX
I am using this WinRAR tool from last 5 years and it is best for the whole time. Nothing is complicated and easy to use :)
29 September 2018, John Joseph
Great, the best, I donate.
18 September 2018, james lara
This is a great post. I like this topic.
29 August 2018, kymbob
I created a login just to comment on this.
Its now 2018, a 1GB Ram Disk is totally useless.
and if you want remove this software you have to restart your server, REAL PAIN.
09 August 2018, Helen Green
Microsoft OneDrive is a very powerful and useful app to assist us backup and sync files between local computer and online cloud. You can choose to automatically upload photos or videos in your camera or phone whenever you connect them to your computer. It is really convenient for us!https://www.multcloud.com/tutorials/onedrive-backup-and-sync-1234.html
14 July 2018, Joseph Scarpinito
The installer is still not in English. What bothers me is there are two options that I can not read and understand. I am reluctant to blindly install anything without knowing the consequences. If anyone can translate these options I would be grateful.
13 July 2018, Jeff Chambers
This is exactly what I was needing. I had used other tools that would just scan the surface. However, this tool went beyond the surface and dug really deep. Now I can see where a lot of my disk space is getting used. Whereas before, I couldn't understand where all this space was getting used. Thanks PC Authority.
28 March 2018, Jason
Fast and reliable browser. I've been using it for a long time. It's a great browser for busy people. I downloaded the browser on this site: https://veadug.com/en/14-google-chrome.html
Here you will find a lot of useful software. The site is very convenient and informative.Here you can easily download the desired app.
21 March 2018, marjorie jackson
Hii friend,
we all know that operating systems is mot important for our device. without operating system our computer like a box. we can not access anything without windows on my device. so time to time windows service is necessary.
09 February 2018, Alice C. Mixon
DaVinci resolve was my starting point in video editing. I really like the flexibility and powerful tools that have been implemented in this software. And it's really easy to get used to this soft. Sure, it will take some time before you start using it in it's full power but, trust me, time is worth it. I've made some video reviews for android app development companies like http://jatapp.com/android-application-development/ and it payed off hard! Amazing soft!
02 February 2018, Alexander Bisset
This version is out of date and on an unofficial site. The latest version is always at www.ftanalyzer.com is always free, secure and auto updates to the latest version.

Alexander Bisset, Author FTAnalyzer
23 August 2017, Jack Edward Alexander
That also has a free version which is just perfect for simple once a day backups to an external disk.
22 August 2017, Ed Cornish
On extraction of the zip file I can see nothing that will run this program! Where is the .exe file?

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Spotlight: Editor's Choice

Buttercup 1.11.0

Open Source

Password managers are becoming a dime a dozen lately with tools such as 1Password, LastPass, KeePass and lesser known managers such as Dashlane. So, the question is: do we have room for one more password manager? And can you trust a new upstart developed by the community?

Whilst there are many commercial password managers, not everyone can afford or justify a subscription service and look towards the freeware model. This is what Buttercup aims to solve, by offering a free solution which synchronises your data across every platform, enabling you to merge current databases across Windows, Mac and Linux. This means you enter your password once and it's available immediately on your Windows desktop or Mac laptop. There are web browser plugins for Firefox and Chrome, which will enable you to automatically drop in the relevant username/password (from the Buttercup database) when you're attempting to login to a web account.

Synchronisation is handled by the cloud and Buttercup currently supports Dropbox, owncloud, Nextcloud and any other service which uses WebDAV to synchronise data.

Buttercup is super-easy to use and features a very minimal user interface. When you first start the application, it will ask you to import an existing database from other password managers. After this, you can easily create new entries to add your favourite website login information and other important personal data.

The application also enables you to easily group all your entries so you can easier manage all your passwords, so, for instance, you can have one group for all your banking/financial information and another group for your social media information and another for your online shopping, and more.

All your data is stored within Buttercup using the latest AES 256bit CBC mode with a SHA256 HMAC encryption, meaning your information is safe from prying eyes.

What's new in 1.11.0 (see changelog for more)?

- Internal improvements and bug fixes
- Fix an issue with macOS icon #683
- Fix an error when saving a new entry #673
- Add Turkish 🇹🇷 language support #674, thanks @saderi
- Add Polish 🇵🇱 language support #685, thanks @kkreft
- Some other locales improvements

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Spotlight: Editor's Choice

Cyberduck 6.8.3

Open Source

The web is so ubiquitous these days that many people think that it’s the internet as opposed to an – admittedly – ever-increasing part of it. There’s email, usenet (for newsgroups) and FTP. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, and is used for the storage and transfer of files over the internet. Although largely eclipsed by the web – and it’s possible to access online storage through your web browser – FTP remains a valuable resource for those whose business involves transferring large numbers of files over the internet and who find email or the web unable to handle their needs.

As a consequence, FTP clients like Filezilla still prove popular, and now there’s a client on the scene that could potentially redefine the landscape. Cyberduck is already well known to Mac users, but has now been ported across to Windows, and offers far more than just a simple FTP client: it also supports FTP/TFL, SFTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3, Google Docs, Google Storage, Windows Azure, and Rackspace Cloud Files.

Once installed, the program will detect any FTP accounts in other clients (including Filezilla) and import them across – you’ll then see a list of all connections as a series of drive icons: click one to connect or set up a new connection manually. An Explorer-like view of your remote location will open, enabling you to browse your files. Downloading and uploading can be done via the supplied controls, but we had problems getting the program to upload anything using the upload button. Thankfully, Cyberduck supports full drag-and-drop from other folder windows, and this worked with no problems.

The program is open source, but you will be prompted to make a donation each time a new version is released. It’s still early days for this Windows version, but the signs are that this could be a serious player in the FTP client market.

Cyberduck 6.8.3 include (see changelog for more):

- Refinements to dark mode (macOS) (#10508, #10510)
- Bugfix Failure running script in Terminal. Not authorized to send Apple events to Terminal (macOS) (#10475)
- Bugfix Upload action not enabled when server is not returning permission mask (FTP) (#10506)
- Bugfix Large uploads requiring checksum of parts fail with network timeout (#10516)


User Comments

09 November 2018, Bean Smith
Antivirus software is a very important application for the devices such as the laptop, mobile, compu...
31 October 2018, Cassie Griffin
If you want to keep your PC run well then take care of window OS. It makes more active to PC but som...
25 October 2018, john smith
I have an issue that is when I recover my iTunes account password and then it shows an error iTunes ...

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