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Astra32 Portable 3.40

Get the low-down on every aspect of your PCs hardware and software with this in-depth system information tool

by Mike Williams

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License: Function Limited Demo
Operating Systems: Windows 7 (32 bit), Windows 7 (64 bit), Windows 8, Windows Server, Windows Vista (32 bit), Windows Vista (64 bit), Windows XP
Languages: English, Russian
Software Cost: $29.95 (Windows)
Date Updated: 12 February 2017
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Downloads To Date: 1274
Developer: Sysinfo Lab
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Astra32 Portable
An in-depth portable system information tool

Astra32 is a comprehensive system information tool that can produce detailed reports on every aspect of your PC.

It's an easy way to find out all about your motherboard, for instance, CPU, memory, drives, USB devices, printers, network adapters, graphics card, display and more.

And when we say "all", that's not an exaggeration. The CPU section alone lists more than 130 details on your processor: the number of cores, CPU, FSB and Bus clock speeds, details on which features it supports (Hyper-Threading?), power management features, and more.

This kind of detail comes in very useful when you want to confirm that a new PC is what you expected, for instance. Or when you want to know more about a particular component. If you're looking to add more RAM to your PC, say, Astra32 can report the type, speed, manufacturer and even part number of your current DIMMs, so you can be sure you buy something that's compatible.

And Astra32 even includes a couple of troubleshooting modules, which in theory should help you diagnose system problems: the Drivers Troubleshooter reports on devices that have driver issues, while the HDD Diagnostics tool provides a quick drive health check. Neither appeared to work for us - the Drivers Troubleshooter highlighted a device that seemed to be fine, the HDD Diagnostics tool complained "IDE drivers not found" - but this kind of tool can give very different results from one PC to another, and both options are still worth a look.

Note that this is the portable version of Astra32.

Version 3.40 (version history):
- Added support of DDR4 memory modules
- Added support of Intel Extreme Memory Profile 2.0 (XMP 2.0)
- Added reading of SPD information on Intel Denverton (SOC), Intel Broxton (SOC), Intel Braswell
- Added detection of Intel Core i7 (Skylake-S), Intel Core i5 (Skylake-S), Intel Core i3 (Skylake-S), Intel Pentium (Skylake-S), Intel Celeron (Skylake-S), Intel Xeon (Skylake-DT), Intel Core i7 Mobile (Skylake-H),
Intel Core i5 Mobile (Skylake-H), Intel Core i3 Mobile (Skylake-H), Intel Xeon (Skylake-H), Intel Core m7 (Skylake-Y), Intel Core m5 (Skylake-Y), Intel Core m3 (Skylake-Y), Intel Pentium Mobile (Skylake-Y), Intel Core i7 Mobile (Skylake-U), Intel Core i5 Mobile (Skylake-U), Intel Core i3 Mobile (Skylake-U), Intel Pentium Mobile (Skylake-U), Intel Celeron Mobile (Skylake-U), Intel Core i7 (Broadwell-H), Intel Core i5 (Broadwell-H), Intel Core i7 Mobile (Broadwell-H), Intel Core i5 Mobile (Broadwell-H), Intel Xeon (Broadwell-H), Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition (Broadwell-E), Intel Core i7 (Broadwell-E), Intel Pentium (Braswell), Intel Celeron (Braswell), Intel Atom (Goldmont), Intel Pentium (Broadwell-DE) processors
- Added detection of AMD A Series (Bristol Ridge), AMD FX (Bristol Ridge), AMD RX (Merlin Falcon), AMD A Series (Carrizo-L), AMD E Series (Carrizo-L), AMD GX (Steppe Eagle), AMD A Series (Carrizo), AMD FX (Carrizo), AMD Athlon X4 (Carrizo), AMD Athlon X4 (Kaveri), AMD Sempron X2 (Trinity), AMD Sempron X2 (Richland) processors
- Added preliminary support of Intel Kabylake-U/Y, Intel Kabylake-H/S, Intel SoFIA LTE 2 family processors
- Added preliminary support of AMD Stoney Ridge, AMD Summit Ridge, AMD Raven Ridge family processors
- Added detection of new processors features: User-Mode Instruction Prevention, Protection Keys for User-Mode Pages, RDPID Instruction, SGX Launch Configuration, AMD MONITORX/MWAITX Instructions
- Improved support of Intel Goldmont family processors
- Fixed detection of Intel Core i3 (Haswell-ULT) processor
- Fixed detection of JEDEC memory timings on some DDR3 memory modules
- Some minor bugs fixed
- Updated program database


Astra32 is a capable system information tool, but its maybe not quite good enough to justify the price. Be sure to try free equivalents like HWINFO32 and SIW before you buy

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Get the low-down on every aspect of your PCs hardware and software with this in-depth system information tool

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